March 29, 2023

AnyOption a Scam?

With an ever increasing number of binary options broker coming online over the last couple of years, a major and persistent area of concern that is faced by lots of people is the legitimacy of some of these brokers and dealers. Even well known and leading binary option brokers such as AnyOption has not been spared from this issue. Is there a scam about anyoption?

AnyOption leads among the first companies that recognised the advantage of binary options trading and went ahead to firmly grab the opportunity. After many years of option trading and risk management experience, AnyOption team developed the premier browser-based platform for trading in binary options. As the most unique and foremost platform, the trading tools of AnyOption have formed the standard used by lots of other platforms, yet it has managed to stay quite unique.

AnyOption is a 100% web based platform and does not require that you download any software. This binary option trading platform is inviting, modern, simple, and generally very user-friendly. Lots of learning materials on binary options are also accessible on the AnyOption website, which makes it very compatible with all beginners. In addition, the AnyOption website is accessible in several languages numbering not less than 14.

Similar to any other type of financial investment, it is prudent for anybody intending to open a trading account with a new broker in the binary options market to check and confirm about the security, safety and reliability of the entire operation.

Regulation and License

AnyOption which was launched in 2008 can rightfully lay claim to the singular title of being the premier and true pioneer in the industry. It is a full member of the globally recognised Investors Compensation Fund (ICF). It operates within the supervision and guidelines of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). This binary trading company is also regulated by other authorities like the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as well as several other global authorities.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission happens to be among the select regulatory bodies within the European Union which regulate the binary options aspect of financial trading. While Cyprus was once thought as a tax haven, since it adopted the Euro in the year 2004, a number of changes have been implemented in the country’s financial regulatory framework. The goal is to bring the sector in-line with the recommendations of the European Union.

In view of this fact, binary options traders who are registered in Cyprus such as AnyOption remain subject to the standards put in place by the European Union. This is something that many who wish to label AnyOption as a scam prefer to conveniently overlook.

Trading with AnyOption

What comes out very clearly is the reliability of the AnyOption trading platform since its launch in the year 2008. Many experts are of the opinion that had AnyOption binary trading platform been a scam, it certainly would not have survived in business for all those years. Compared to many platforms which have come up and disappeared over the years, it is safe to say that trading with AnyOption will endure and continue to grow.

In itself, AnyOption trading system is extremely simple. A binary options trader is able to view even 4 assets plus as all the required information at any given time through a simple computer click. Additional news feed on the market can be found just under the asset tabs. The platform in addition offers its clients with a profit line. This is a simple yet extremely efficient tool that tracks your purchased assets.

An additional method of tracking trade assets is through registering with the AnyOption SMS service where you’ll be getting a text just prior to or after your pre-selected expiry time.

Terms and Conditions

AnyOption platform is entirely web-based enabling you to log in from any part of the world. You also could opt-in to be receiving phone text messages updating you about the trade outcomes. As a trader, you got the option to selecting among 4 diverse expiry times: end of the hour, day, week or month.

It’s an open secret that the binary trading offered by AnyOption essentially forms the standard in the entire industry that lots of fresh brokers are trying to emulate.

AnyOption Bonuses

Usually, AnyOption doesn’t offer bonus cash to each and every customer. When these are available, AnyOption bonuses are given on the basis of case by case. Therefore, you’ll need to first discuss with your account representative regarding the finer bonus details.

However, AnyOption is quite decent when it comes to returns. It has an average return of about 71 per cent.

AnyOption Deposit, Payments and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit averages $200 or 200 Euros and can done through wire transfer, CCs or MoneyBookers/Skrill. The majority of binary option trading websites would normally inform you about their methods of how you can deposit. However, the concern of many will be really about the methods of payments and how the user can withdraw their profits.

anyoption paymentIn the case of AnyOption, you can achieve a quick withdrawal. After you make a withdrawal request, this can be processed under 48 hours of the request being accepted. The payment will be made to your personal account under the standard 14 days period.

The only available methods for withdrawal at the moment are wire transfers and CC’s to curb money laundering schemes. The fee for your first withdrawal is nil, but it comes to 30$ when you transact more than once every month.

AnyOption Service

Different from the majority of other very experienced binary options brokers, AnyOption opted to stay loyal to the standard trading methods, which is more conservative compared to the other traditional type of brokers.

Rather than develop fresh trading ways such as Boundary options or Range options, AnyOption has invested their resources towards developing and creating extra trading tools like Option+. This is an excellent tool offering investors the choice of delaying or even closing the expiry time prior to the actual closing time consequent to buying an asset. Another tool is Binary100, which is a model developed along the lines of the US CFTC binary options.

Summary: AnyOption is certainly not a scam

If one was to give an award to a binary options trading platform for being very inviting and supportive to beginners, then no doubt AnyOption would certainly get the top nomination. AnyOption is certainly not a scam.

The fact that it has survived since early 2008 is a testimony of it genuineness and durability. It is among the oldest running brokers in the binary options brokerage industry with a long history of handling their customers fairly.

It is also among the top innovators when it comes to offering high quality binary trading options. As the trading industry gets more and more crowded, wouldn’t be better and safer to stick to tested, innovative and classic brokers like AnyOption?