June 7, 2023

365Trading Review


Anyone who wants to trade innovatively and has perhaps, not yet found the suitable broker, is well-advised to look carefully at the trading platforms from 365 Trading. The global Spanish trader is a good choice to both experienced traders and also beginners on the market of binary options in all respects. Those who still do not have much experience in trading with binary options, with 365 Trading, they will find a lot of information in the form of videos, documentations and also eBooks, which help in getting one’s bearings in the world of binary options. Even complicated analyses and strategies are explained comprehensibly by experts who work for 365 Trading and this can be of great help, if it is a matter of trading successfully.

365Trading – Trade
Max.Ren 81%
Max.Rendite (High Yield)
Hedging 0%
Types of trade call/put, short term
Duration 60 sec, 30 min, 60 min, 24 hrs.
365Trading – Assets
Stocks yes
Indices yes
Commodities yes
Forex yes
365Trading – Special
Demo account yes
Mobile trading no

Reasons for 365trading

  • Minimum deposit of 100 EUR/USD/ GBP (smallest in the market)
  • Minimum trade 5 EUR/USD
  • Demo Account with no required deposit
  • PayPal payment method !
  • No costs for withdrawal
  • Payments within 24 hours
  • The opportunities to trade 24 hours
  • 100 % deposit bonus
  • Strict safety regulations

Tradable products

Base values and trading types

365 Trading offers its customers a wide variety of over a 100 different types of trading. Commodities such as gold, silver, platinum and oil are counted among these, but coffee, wheat and sugar can also be traded. With shares, there are many so called “big points” such as Coca Cola, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Nissan, Nike, Apple and Fiat, available. In addition, a big offer is added to tradable indices like the DAX, the Dew Jones, the Nikkei Index and also the Hang Seng. Of course, there are also a lot of currency pairs with the known currencies, but some “exotics” can also be traded on the trading platform of 365 Trading.

Special functions

365 Trading offers up to 500% high yield functions; an interesting offer to venturesome dealers.

Trading platform & software, usability, appearance and security

The platform of 365 Trading offers its customers all sorts of helpful tools which can be used any times and which give the opportunity to both the professionals among the traders and also beginners, to always learn something new. Trading can be made with the fast 60 seconds trade but other periods of time are also possible. Moreover, 365 Trading offers the one touch option and the classical call and put options. The broker improves his trading platform again and again and today, offers a page which all traders cope with very well. In terms of the timelessness, those who appreciate the advantage of trading in real time can totally count on 365 Trading, since the newest data is provided by Thompson Reuters.


365traing offers the usual durations for the trade. These range from 60 seconds to several days. In this way, several possibilities are offered to the trader.

Trading Conditions

With a normal trade, the maximum yield of 365traing is at 81%.

365trading Bonus and 365trading Demo Account

All traders who choose 365 Trading and who would like to enter directly with a live account, can open a demo account beforehand, familiarise themselves with the trading platform and practise with binary options trading. The demo account is designed clearly and makes it easy for inexperienced traders to make the first moves in binary trading. The demo account is opened with only a few clicks since everything which the trader must do is give his preferred language, the currency and his E-mail address and the demo account is already activated and can be used. The only condition there is, is that the trader must be 18 years old. Even the bonus with 365 Trading is gratifying. Depending on how high the payment turns out to be, there is a bonus of between 20% and 50%. Everyone who is new on the platform of 365 Trading can even be pleased with a welcome bonus of a 100%.

365trading High profits, good service

One of the reasons why 365 Trading enjoys a great popularity are the profits, which are at 81% and therefore, above the usual standards. Those who are successful can win a lot, but also lose again. On the site of 365 Trading, there is also an insight into the risk which the trade with binary options contains; a service which not every broker has to offer. A platform on Youtube also belongs to the services of 365 Trading. In this case, the broker offers a helpful tutorial and on Youtube, those interested can also learn how trader analyses are read and assessed in the right way. What makes 365 Trading a global broker? There are also several languages since there are trading platforms in English, French, Dutch, German, in traditional Chinese and also in simplified Chinese.

Those who have questions can always get in touch with the service hotline from Mondays till Fridays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and be consulted from expert and competent employees who have an answer to almost every question. Those who rather want to send an E-mail, can do so round the clock and 365 days round the year. With 365 Trading, even a live chat is available for traders and traders are also given the opportunity to exchange ideas with other traders. The accounts are maintained in real time and in this way, every trader can observe the market closely and make quick decisions; a service which not every broker for trading with binary options, offers.

365trading Deposit and Payments

Those who have opened an account with 365 Trading can only start with a minimum amount of only 100 Euro/USD/GBP in trade with binary options. Payments can be made optionally with a bank transfer, over Moneybookers/Skrill or with Paypal or credit card. 365 Trading accepts Visa, Delta, MasterCard and Diners credit cards.

Payments are transferred onto the account within 24 hours. Fees, which one unfortunately always finds with brokers for binary options, are not charged with 365 Trading. However, what 365 Trading particularly does, is that there are no secrets and also no hidden clauses in the terms and conditions; everything is transparent and visible to every trader. In this way, trust is achieved and this trust is very much appreciated by 365 Trading customers.

The conclusion on 365 Trading

365 Trading is a worldwide established broker which can be convincing with the many advantages. The following ranges among the broker’s preferences. 365trading offers all new customers a large bonus on their first deposit of 100% up to $ 5,000. This bonus should help beginners get started. The restrictions to cash out the bonus are unique in the industry and easy so “play” the bonus into cash! With only 100 EUR/USD/GBP deposit you get access to a full trading account. The platform itself proved to be excellent with their constant transparency in price-setting and innovative technology.