How do Binary Options Work?


Binary options are some of the most popular investment vehicles in today's marketplace. As their name may already hint, the trader will predict whether or not a specific asset will move in a certain way; a "yes" or a "no" mentality. In other words, a position could fall in the money or out of the money. Another key feature is known as an "automatic exercise". This signifies that the holder cannot buy or sell the underlying asset (such as gold, a commodity or a share).

Benefits and Possible Risks of binary Options

bloombergThe obvious benefit of a binary option position is that there is an extremely quick payoff with any trade; 90 per cent or more is generally taken as profit. This method is also quite simple. The investor only has to choose the direction they wish to take (whether the price will rise (Call) or fall (Put)), the expiration period and the amount to be allocated. Positions can be opened or closed very quickly. Additionally, there are no commissions taken out of a trade; fees are included in the initial spread. Another final factor to mention is that there are no margin calls. Simply stated, the trader can ONLY wager the amount that he or she currently has in their account.

As with any investment, binary options are not without their share of dangers. One of the most pronounced risks is that the quotes are normally always in favour of the broker. Therefore, one will have to land "in the money" considerably often in order to enjoy kerzereliable profits. High rewards equate to equally high risks. Most binary options brokers are in foreign jurisdictions such as Cyprus and other locations which are not governed by familiar laws. Thus, there is a chance that the trader may not be fully protected against any unfair practices which may occur. Effectively trading binary options requires a great deal of tools that most platforms do not possess. While a basic dashboard is common with the majority of online accounts, Expert Adviser (EA) software and other such platforms are normally required in order to fully understand one's position.

How Can Binary Options Compare Help?

It should therefore be quite obvious that no two trading platforms are alike. Each will offer its own set of amenities and drawbacks. This is why it is so very critical to obtain objective advice. Best Binary Broker provides just such an analysis. Several metrics are examined including:


  •     Maximum payout percentages.
  •     Maximum bonuses.
  •     Levels of loss protection.
  •     Minimum deposits and investment sizes.
  •     The possibility to open a free demo account.

Therefore, the best decisions can be made at the most appropriate times. There is a maxim within the industry which states that success in the binary options arena has just as much to do with the broker in question as it does with experience.

Putting it all Together...

Now that we have developed an understanding of binary options, it is clear to see that there are advantages and disadvantages to this method of trading. All of this information is critical when deciding to venture into this potentially lucrative arena. Offering a liquid position, ease of execution and a host of online brokers to choose from, a handsome profit may indeed be closer than you think!