Binary Options Minimum Deposit

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Binary options can be a very exciting financial market to get involved with, but many new traders overlook the fact that they have to make a minimum deposit , this can suppress that excitement rather quickly.

Trading isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. You might need to invest a significant amount of money to get started, so it’s worthwhile to learn as much about this topic as you possibly can.

How Much You Need to Start Trading Binary Options

frau chartYou can find some brokers willing to accept a minimum deposit of just £/$/€ 50, whereas others might require a bit more. Even though, technically you can get started trading with a deposit as small as £/$/€ 50, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

If you want to have the best possible chance of success with trading binary options, you’ll want to invest quite a significant amount of money. This could be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand.

It has been found that 21% of traders with an account equity of approximately £/$/€ 0-670 are profitable, whereas over 37% of traders with an account equity of approximately £/$/€3370-£/$/€6740 are profitable. Even though this research was conducted with forex accounts, it still clearly demonstrates the need for a fairly large account balance across financial markets.

Adding onto that, having a small account balance means that the commissions and spreads taken by your broker are going to have a much larger impact on your trading capital.

Getting the Most for Your Money

BrokerMaking a first deposit to a broker might seem a bit intimidating, but it’s also exciting to get involved with binary options. Taking advantage of promotions offered by brokers is a good way to alleviate the natural stress and anxiety that might come about from making your first deposit.

The vast majority of binary options brokers will have promotions and special offers running almost constantly. Some of the most popular promotions/special offers are the following: 100% first deposit bonus, and £/$/€10 - £/$/€15 free no deposit required. As you can see, sometimes you don’t even need to make a deposit to get started.

Minimum Deposit Required by the Best Brokers

As mentioned above, some brokers allow you to get started with just £/$/€50—others, require much more. In this section we’ll tell you about some of the best brokers and how much they accept as a minimum deposit.

  • 365Trading offer the lowest minimum deposit, allowing traders to get started with just £/$/€50.
  • BDSwiss and OptionTime allow traders to get started with just £/$/€100.
  • OptionRally and AnyOption require at least £/$/€200 as a minimum deposit for new traders.
  • 24option, InteractiveOption, and Banc de Binary are just slightly higher at £/$/€250.
  • OptionFair requires a deposit of at least £/$/€300 from new traders.
  • 99Binary has a significantly higher minimum deposit, which stands at £/$/€399.

Closing Notes

There are many considerations that you need to take with regards to your minimum deposit; depositing just a small amount of money might seem like a good way to get a “feel” of the market and the platform, but this can be done just as well with a demo account.

Make sure to open a demo account and if possible, trade with the same amount of practice money that you plan to trade live with. In other words, if you plan to make a first deposit of £/$/€3000 then you should trade with only £/$/€3000 in your demo account as well.