Binary Options 60 second trades


60 second trades involve binary options which only have a duration of 60 seconds. In this process, the investor can bank on very high yields in the case of binary options. Some brokers promise yields of 80 percent and more. Realistically, they are in all cases 75 percent.

Binary Options: 60 second trades – Tips and know-how

When someone in the trade with binary options would like to start, he should have already visualised the investors and the possibilities of the option trading beforehand. The option trading is speculative and is thus associated with relatively high risks. Yet the investor can minimise these risks with one good strategy.

First, one should know what binary options even involve. 60 second trades are often spoken of. The 60 second trades only have a duration of 60 seconds. With binary options, one does not trade in specific shares or commodities, but only the drops or rises of the prices are betted upon. The chance to make profits with a high yield is thus 50 percent.

Strategies for 60 second trades + tips

The monitoring of the markets is the most important. To be able to keep the yields as high as possible, a broker who also approves of smaller amounts invested, should be looked for. With binary options of a 60 second duration, this reduces the risk since one must not place so much fixed assets in a single trade. With the choice of the broker, through which the option businesses are conducted, one should watch out for a possibly high redemption value per trade. In the case of a redemption value, it is about the percental sum of the option value which one has used with 60 second binary trading, in case the business was not successful. This depends on the broker between 0 and 15 percent.

Binary Options 60 second trades + know-how

Experiences with trading with binary options have shown, that one should not only bet on a particular base value. The base values include stock prices, commodities, currencies and indices. It makes sense to spread the investment values among different base values, since one can compensate for losses from businesses, with a base value with profits resulting from other base values.

In the case of problems with brokers, it makes a lot of sense to look for a broker providing support in English. This makes a fluent communication possible since no linguistic barriers must be broken down. Since the markets are always active, one should watch out that his present strategy can adapt flexibly to the market.