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For today's traders, being able to access your brokerage platform on the move is a must. After all, if you're not trading, you're not earning. The mobile app from BDSwiss brings all of the accessibility and intuitive trading that you've come to expect from their website direct to the palm of your hand.

BDSwiss quadratThe user interface of the BDSwiss App is very easy to use, with the trading options being simple to locate and with a quick response when selected - no major lag times between selecting your position and successfully entering it. The live market feeds enable you to see how the market is reacting to world events so you can take advantage to swings in the market and pounce on opportunities as they arise.

bdswiss appOffering returns of up to 450%, BDSwiss is one of the best binary options trading sites, and their dedication to making things as simple as possible really shines through when using their app. The 24/7 live support available via the mobile device gives you all the support you will need if you are encountering any issues with the app, and their response is both prompt and helpful. I barely had to wait a minute to get hold of a live operator and their expert advice let me solve my issue in moments so I could get back to trading and making money ASAP!

If I had to level one criticism at the app, it would be that the app doesn't quite offer all of the functionality of the BDSwiss site, but it does let you keep track of your currently open positions as well as entering new 60 second trades as well as the longer term positions, pairs etc.


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Most users will find that the mobile app enables them to manage their portfolios adequately whilst on the move and continue to trade almost as effectively as they can at their desks. Users who require more comprehensive charts and trend analysis will find the detail provided by the desktop site to more to their liking.

The BDSwiss app is available on the play store as well as the Apple iTunes store.