24option Trading Strategies

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Whilst this section will endeavour to give you some pointers, it cannot be taken as a fool proof strategy to realise a profit. It should however give you some handy pointers to help you get started. As any responsible binary option broker should tell you, trading binary options is a very high-risk business and could result in you losing all of your capital. For this reason it should be repeated that you should NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose.

24 option trading strategies

Some things to consider: Practice, practice, practice.

Take full advantage of the demo service available to you. It is an invaluable resource for you to learn how to start trading. Combined with the trading signals system it will allow you to gauge the accuracy of the information being provided to you and determine what reliability level you are comfortable to take risks on.

Observe the market.

If you are intending to trade on a certain index, commodity or currency, spend some time observing its movements. Deciding on what time-scale you intend to make your bids on will help to give you an idea of how long you will need to watch its movements.


Use the learning resources provided for you by 24option.

There is so much information available for you to utilise on 24option that it would be a foolhardy trader that leaps into binary options with even looking at the resources available to you. These resources will be particularly helpful in aiding your understanding of the different types of bid you can place (boundary/touch/no touch/call/put)

Decide on what your limits are and stick to them.

As mentioned above, there is a risk that your trade may tank and you might lose your invested funds. Decide on how much of your resources to commit to each trade, and what percentage you think is justifiable based on the degree of risk. Will you re-invest your capital increases from successful trades, or will you bank them? Ultimately chasing a higher risk trade to recoup losses is often a losing strategy.

Build your capital.

With lower-risk trades until you can justify bidding on more profitable higher risk trades without jeopardising too high a percentage of your start-up capital. Shorter duration trades can be a good way to build capital more quickly, but offer lower rates of return than the longer trades.


Utilise the 24option trading signals system.

As explained elsewhere, these trading signals can be extremely helpful. The high reliability options are usually a relatively safe choice. As long as you are realising a success rate of better than 55% then you are doing okay.

Use the trader's choice feature.

Located on the right of the trading graph, this gives a real time reflection of what top traders are bidding on and allows you to copy their trades if you choose to do so.