24option Trading Signals

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24option's signals system is another example of why 24option is a great binary options solution for new traders. The signals system generates a series of trading tips for you. It will generate around 20 trading signals for currencies, commodities, indices or individual stocks. The signals system not only gives you advice on what direction the trade is likely to move in, it also gives you a fairly good idea of how reliable the signal is itself.

24option Trading Signals

The signals are generated by Faunus algorithms that monitor more than 200 live asset prices and choose the best assets for brokers to trade in. The Faunus algorithmic systems use the latest data mining and statistical analysis software in order to produce trading signals that offer a high degree of reliability. The leads are virtually all generated by the analysis software, with only minimal human input as the data is adjusted by computers.

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The human side of the signals software comes into play with intermittent monitoring of the system by experts to maximise the profitability and accuracy of the trading system.

How do I use the 24option trading signals?

The trading alert system covers around 60 of the most liquid and highly traded assets, and as they move more fluidly, they stand a greater chance of turning a profit. Currently, 24options' signals come in three varieties; One hour, 30 minute and 15 minute signals. Each signal will detail whether to enter a call (increase) or put (decrease) bid, as well as the asset to trade, and a standardised expiry rate.

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The different lengths of bid have different time periods in which to place your bids.

  • The one hour trades have five minutes from the moment the trade appears on your screen. You simply need to enter the position with a given direction and set the expiry for the end of the hour.
  • The 30 minute trades have an validity window of 3 minutes, and should be set to expire at half past the hour.
  • The 15 minute trades have a validity of 1.5 minutes, and should be set to expire at quarter past the hour.

It is important that if you do not act on the signal within the time frames detailed above, you should disregard the signal. The signals, as previously explained, are mathematically derived and are extremely time sensitive as assets can be influenced greatly by other fluctuations in the markets; the relevance of the signals can change quickly once the key time frames have expired so failure to trade the signals on time could result in financially unfavourable results for the trader.

How to utilise the Reliability guide

Each signal is given a colour coded reliability indicator to show the likelihood of the investment paying off. This is particularly helpful for beginners who may not be able to judge the potential risk of a transaction based on previous asset performance.

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Green reliability suggests that the investment would be highly likely to benefit the trader on the terms stated. Yellow and red indicators suggest that the signal has a lower degree of reliability. Although they would therefore be a riskier investment, they still represent a potentially beneficial trade that traders would do well to consider.