24option Bonus

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24option offers traders a variety of deposit bonuses from time to time. The amount of bonus available to traders on their deposit varies depending on the amount they deposit, with higher cash value deposits attracting higher amounts of bonus being credited to your account.

24option Bonus

Their terms and conditions describe 3 main bonuses they offer, these are a cash bonus, “Technology bonus I” and “Technology bonus II”. Obviously, as the old adage goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. All of the bonuses come with conditions attached which are detailed below.

24option Cash Bonus:

In order to obtain full access to the bonus cash deposited into your account, you may have to have a trading volume of up to 50 times the amount credited. If you were to deposit £/€/$ 5,000 and receive a 70% bonus deposit of £/€/$ 3,500, then you would need to reach a trading volume of £/€/$ 175,000 before the bonus was classed as earned.

24option bonus

Once a bonus has been earned, it may be freely traded and withdrawn as if it were your own capital. Before a bonus is classed as earned, if a trader makes a withdrawal from their trading account, the bonus is forfeited in its entirety, along with any profits from trades made with the bonus monies. Once the bonus is forfeited, the money will be deducted from your trading account and then you are able to manage your remaining funds as you wish.

24option Technology bonus I:

Technology bonus I is an iPad. To qualify for this bonus, traders must deposit a minimum of €10,000 or equivalent of “new” funds to their trading account, and reach a trading volume of €50,000.

24option Technology bonus II:

Technology bonus II is a MacBook. The qualification criteria for this reward are as follows: Traders must deposit a minimum of €20,000 of “new” funds to their trading account and reach a minimum trading volume of €100,000.

Qualifying for the bonuses may seem like it’s going to take a long time, but with successful trading, 24option state that many traders reach these limits in their first couple of weeks.