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Stockpair has a long history in the trading industry, and has been offering investors the chance to dabble in the Pair Options and Binary Options markets since 2010. It operates as part of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd, and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, a leading financial regulator in the securities market. For experienced traders, authorisation from CySEC provides the kind of official approval they need to use a platform with confidence.

5 reasons for Stockpair

  • Opportunity to learn more in the informative education centre
  • Cashback is part of the service
  • Trading platform extremely usable from the start
  • Customer support is exceptional
  • 85% returns can be achieved

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What’s it like to invest with Stockpair?

The team behind Stockpair are highly experienced professionals with many years in the business; they have created a bespoke platform which works well for beginners who need a little guidance and also more confident investors.

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Asset types at Stockpair

Stockpair offer their clients a huge range of assets and these are published in a list on their website. Choose from major FOREX currencies including the Swiss Franc, the Japanese Yen and the Euro, along with seven indices and key commodities like Gas, Gold, Oil and Silver. As with many other binary options brokers, their most comprehensive list of assets is in the Stocks category, which has over 50 types, enabling knowledgeable investors to make money by predicting the performance of numerous companies from across the globe.


Are there any special functions to look out for?

Stockpair has always offered interesting features, like Early Close which can improve a traders chances of success by enabling them to exit an option before it officially closes, and Sentiment Indicators which can be used to gauge the mood of the market and predict when there could be a change of direction. However, Stockpair have now added two more special features; Technical Analysis Charts and Trading Indicators.


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Technical charts give traders the chance to look at previous price movements, this is not a strictly accurate way of understanding when changes will occur, but it does provide a clue as to what is likely to happen. Trading indicators using data created from tools like the Moving Average, Relative Strength Index and the Moving Average Convergence & Divergence Index can be laid over charts to produce alerts relating to changes in the market. Again, these are not 100% reliable, but much like a weather forecast, they provide an educated, informed guess, about what is most likely to happen.


How responsive is the Stockpair platform?

stockpair mobil 2Stockpair have a proprietary trading platform which has been designed to deliver a simple method of investing in the markets. To begin, users can browse through their selection of assets and select which ones they want to use from a drop down menu. When they want place a wager, investors can choose to place a minimum trade of £20, if they aren’t ready to take a more significant risk, or go for higher stakes with a maximum of £20,000 in one trade.

The site is very user-friendly, catering for all levels of investor and downtime is not a significant issue. Each area is clearly presented in a way that makes it easy to begin trading and understand exactly what steps are involved. Further investigation of their price feeds and chart shifts, shows that the data all matches up with that offered by Reuters, which is always a very positive sign in binary trading. Stockpair is a good place to learn about the markets, but it’s worth noting that there is no demo account. These are usually provided to ease newcomers into the world of binary options, but here they don’t have that convenience.


What durations are available at Stockpair?

The trading contracts at Stockpair can be divided into two types, the Pair Options and the Up/Down Binaries. The first pair option is Fixed Pairs, a concept which was, in fact, first introduced to the industry by Stockpair. In doing so they hoped to make binary options appear less complex to the uninitiated, and this is still a popular choice with people who like to dip in and out of market trading, rather than devoting more time to it. The returns in fixed pairs are fixed - whichever side performs best. Therefore, in order to make money, the trader just has to pick the winning side for a stated period of time.

With floating pairs, the investor has to choose the relative value of one asset in comparison to another. They are aiming to see which will perform better within a pre-set time frame. If the underdog is successful and was picked by a trader, the returns can be surprisingly high.

In the up/down binaries range, users can pick between classic binaries and KIKO options, which have been introduced only recently by Stockpair. With both, traders are called upon to predict if prices will increase or decrease compared to their entry price, when the expiry time is reached.

KIKO options are often likened to one touch options, but there is an important difference: with KIKOs investors wager on whether the price will reach its lower or upper level first. If they choose the right barrier, their trade will expire with them in the money. If it goes the opposite way, they lose. With no time limit, a KIKO option leaves the trade active until one level, or the other has been reached.


Is there a Stockpair App?

Stockpair have a binary options trading app that enables their account holders to begin trading on the go in minutes. Over 100 currency pairs are listed, along with stocks, commodities and indices, just like on the full platform. You can choose to trade in short term wagers of 60 and 90 seconds, or go for longer term options. This is an excellent feature of Stockpair which will be especially welcomed by investors who have previously missed out on big wins, because they were away from their desk. It’s available for IOS users from the iTunes store and for Android users, from Google Play.


What bonuses exist for traders at Stockpair?

Everyone likes to be welcomed into a new trading platform with a generous sign up bonus, but after a few months of regular trading, it’s also nice to be recognised as a repeat customer and rewarded for your loyalty. At Stockpair you can count on both; they offer a very favourable bonus to new members to get them started which can sometimes be as much a 100% of their initial deposit, depending on which type of account they open, but also cash back bonuses based on the amount a person has traded.


How to make payments and request withdrawals at Stockpair

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Traders can open an account with Stockpair before making a deposit and select their preference from British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros, after which transactions will all be processed in that currency. Once an investor is ready to make a deposit, this can be done using a MasterCard, or a Visa credit card, or bank transfer. However, new methods are being added all the time, so check on their site for details. The minimum deposit is £250, or $250 or €250, but before the account is authenticated for use, traders will need to send Stockpair a number of documents to confirm their identity.

The minimum that can be withdrawn from a Stockpair account is £20 and this will generally take five working days to complete using a bank transfer, or up to seven more days through a credit or debit card.


Contacting the customer services team at Stockpair

Customers can rely on a high level of support from the Stockpair team, and their services can be accessed in various languages. Traders who have a query or a problem can get in touch via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or through various location-specific phone numbers. There is also a Live Chat option and a contact form on the website.

Are Stockpair regulated and secured?

stockpair regulation

Yes, Stockpair offer their services as a trading platform under license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, or CySEC. This means they are obliged to adhere to certain regulations designed to protect the financial interests of their traders. CySEC demand very specific requirements are met and inspect the company’s activities, to ensure they are complying. In the event of a financial crash which puts the future of Stockpair into question, investors can be sure that their funds will remain untouched and be returned to them swiftly.