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OptionBit is actually a brand new binary options broker established in May 2010. Investors do not need to download any computer software because developed into all internet based. The website can be used from around the world via secured computer. OptionBit uses the most innovative system as well as provides 37 underlying assets in Asia, USA as well as Europe. At OptionBit, you'll find a good number of investing options such as Touch Trading and Above/Below. The website provides a wide range of tools as well as platforms that perform the important part to provide accuracy as well as speed for the traders. For investing at the binary, OptionBit is among the most effective platforms.

5 reasons for Optionbit

  • Solid software
  • Expand or Close now function allows investors to secure their earnings
  • Auto trading application
  • multi language service
  • High Payouts

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Trading with Optionbit

OptionBit User-Friendly

OptionBit is actually a trusted platform that you are able to use to invest financial markets as well as earn significant profits within awhile. AlgoBit - the latest Optionbit investing feature is what you should analyze markets. It creates it easier for each experienced investors along with new investors to find out trends.

OptionBit Touch

This function has unique capability to send signals immediately to your platform, particularly whenever there are essential changes available on the market. Furthermore, it is quite flexible in performance since it combines traditional trading using the latest hi-tech investing abilities. This creates it probably the most reliable functions that you are able to bank on to provide you excellent success within short times. Investing is usually an art that is improved over time. For those who use the right platform as well as tools to control risks, then certainly you will recognize positive progress in earnings margins within little time.

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Optionbit platform provides you the chance to excel as it involves real-time examines of trends. This provides a trader a higher hand to know precisely the market overall performance in a couple of minutes to appear or even hours. Everything depends on the way you need AlgoBit to meet your needs. It absolutely helps trader for making informed choices based on the details that is relayed at some point.


OptionBit Multitrading


The new Optionbit investing featureis a cut over the rest around the market place. Not just would it presents real time details, but allows you decide on the mode of trade you like. No matter if it is signal investing or automatic trading, you'll always take pleasure in the maximum utility value. The truth that financial marketplaces can a while be quite risky; you are extremely advised to use efficient tools while investing. AlgoBit feature creates it possible to get actual investing signals averting scenarios where you may lose your funds.

OptionBit Sign Up: You can easily create your trading account, at first you need to provide your valid information like name, address, email address etc.


OptionBit Deposit

Option Bit is certainly one of the 1st brokers to have significantly democratized the options trading to small traders with a lowest deposit that set at $ 200 along with a low minimum amount beginning from just $ 10. This indicates that this option broker is placed in the 1st level portion which is suited well for newbies. You can make investments a maximum of 1,000$ for every transaction. It is achievable to perform several transactions. For those who want to spend more than 1,000$ around the similar underlying asset, they can just buy several options for 1,000$ every single.


OptionBit Real Trade

Similar to any options investing platforms, this trading overview gives a concept to investors about the investing process and that exactly how good it really is to engage in this particular innovative type of trading. Probably, Optionbit trading overview contents usually includes the customer’s feedback on the support they offer.

OptionBit Charts

Generally, you can perform a trade from obtaining your profile on any laptop or computer. Therefore, Optionbit can also be user friendly. You can possibly get around the website easily. Actually, the accessibility of Optionbit mobile built it easier as well as practical for customers to trade.  It has become a proof making use of the collaboration of modern technology, investment in economical market have become made more achievable to all investors.

Binary options trading views some facts as well as feedbacks of Optionbit options traders. It usually helps other investors who wish to participate independently in binary options investing in making their choice of which option broker is far more reliable. Optionbit investing review features some of the option broker’s revolutionary offering to investors. Just Like other options broker, Optionbit contain unique features to investors in which they present exotic range of contracts as like barrier, bounded, range option, etc.

Among the platform’s needs to offer that would usually benefit investors is that it does not cost commissions for investing. They use an experienced customer service team where can be reached by way of email along with live chat. Investing is made easier with the usage of this platform. For this reason, it has high options of different languages that might be acquired of in the market. It offers 11 languages in which you can select from. Apart from that, they provide desirable bonuses to their traders.


OptionBit Portfolio

Here you can find your trading history.


OptionBit Education

As among the biggest brokers they've a strong service as well as education department. The education and also learning department has lots of useful tools just like free e-books, online seminar, video and many more.


OptionBit Payment Methods

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The lowest deposit by using  bank transfer, credit card, Neteller, Skrill,  PaySafeCard or Webmoney is $200. The highest deposit for every transaction is $5,000. Withdrawals method can be made currently with very little account balances. The lowest withdrawal amount of money at OptionBit is $10 vie credit card, accordingly $30 via bank transfer. One withdrawal for every month is totally free additional withdrawals within the same month price a charge of $10. Therefore we can say, You are able to deposit your funds by:

•    credit card,
•    bank transfer,
•    Moneybooker,
•    NeoSurf,
•    PaySafeCard,
•    WebMoney


OptionBit Customer Support

OptionBit can support you for your every need to have. OptionBit investors can rest guarantee that their concerns will be responded by a staff of reliable client service staff, who, via their unrivaled service, keep attract clients all of the around the world. Service is provided in a collection of languages which is conveniently accessible via live chat, email as well as over the phone.


OptionBit Bonuses & Promotions

optionbit mobilAt OptionBit you are able to have a bonus as much as 50% as well as $ 500. The bigger the first deposit, the higher the added bonus:
•    $1,000 deposit, then you will get 50% bonus ($500)
•    $500 deposit, then you will get 40% bonus ($200)
•    $200 deposit, then you will get 30% bonus ($60)


Anyone who plans to trade to get an extended period span as well as who may have enough funds to risk should thus take benefits of the top bonus and after that make an initial deposit $ 1,000.

Furthermore, after signing up, you will get a totally free eBook that is available in numerous languages, focused to beginners in the area of options trading.


OptionBit Payout Percentage

OptionBit is actually a new platform in the binary options industry, but they provide such top quality products as well as service they've experienced fast growth. Working with OptionBit, traders are capable of trade almost 40 assets applying different kinds of options, around the world. Considering that OptionBit works by using an internet based platform, you don't ever need to get worried about installing software prior to starting your trade. When you finally register for this website you will see that you are able to earn anyplace from 65% as much as 85% in profits on investments with OptionBit.

The only real thing that few people do as opposed to that OptionBit does not provide refunds for out-of-the-money options, as another trading platforms do. Basically, some investing platforms can pay usually all over 10% or 15% when that options are "out-of-the-money". On the other hand, this isn't available at OptionBit, since you receive very little when the investment moves in the reverse direction.

OptionBit Special Features

The OptionBit binary platform contain some functions that are exclusive to it.

1) For that digital binary option trade form, investors provide the option of either ending a profitable trade prior to the given expiry, or increasing the expiry time to permit a losing trade to be profitable. Expansion of expiry times may be possible utilizing the “Roll Over” operate on the platform. You will discover costs related with applying any of both of these services. Investments closed prior to time are only able to give a maximum benefit of 30% (in comparison to as much as 81% in a regular trade that ends "in-the-money", along with placements which are rolled over have costs of among 5-50% based on how "out-of-the-money" the trade is.

2) Investors may use the “Autotrade” features to duplicate a invest the whole amount won using a winning trade technique, as a way to substance profits.

3) Investors now have accessibility to mobile trading system with OptionBit. Investors can obtain the OptionBit mobile phone app with the numerous smartphones just like the iPad, iPhone as well as Android from the appropriate app stores.