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Established in 2015, Copyop was the first binary options broker to realise the potential of social trading. It is owned by Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Limited, which also own the Anyoption platform, one of the largest trading networks in the business. Copyop is unique in that it enables its users to observe and then copy other, more successful, or accomplished investors who use the Anyoption or Copyop platform.

5 reasons for Copyop

  • Great for people who want a social experience
  • Can connect using a Facebook account
  • There’s a well-designed app
  • Regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Very clean, modern website and platform

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How does Copyop work?

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Although it is based on the concept of social trading, Copyop takes this to the next level; clients are not expected to conduct any technical research themselves, or to analyse the way a market performs, instead they just imitate the trades of better binary traders.

The process involves three different stages. Firstly, customers seek out traders through looking on their live social feed or using the Hot traders table. Next, they can get to know them a little better by checking on their profile and reading more about their work. Then the less experienced trader can make a decision on whether this person is worth copying, or whether they’d just prefer to watch their progress for a while. There is no time limit for watching and members can maintain this stance until they feel the time is right.

Once a trader has been selected to copy, the investments they make will be made on behalf of the newer trader as well. Members will then receive updates in their live news feed, giving details of how the trader they copied is performing.


Which traders can be copied?

Clients can make their own choices about which accounts to copy, without following a set formula. They can copy people from Copyop or AnyOption, so long as the trader has less than 100 people who are already copying their wagers. Some traders reach this limit and cannot then have more copiers. When customers watch a particular trader, this is displayed on their live feed, along with notes on their current trades. There are numerous ways to gauge how a person is doing, with plenty of flexibility in terms of monitoring performance levels and comparing investors.



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Interestingly, unlike with many other social trading platforms that have sprung up since their launch, Copyop do not factor in any slippage. This refers to the difference in the price of an option when wagered on by a trader, compared to when someone copies him or her. Rather, investors can be confident in getting exactly the same trade parameters, as the more experienced trader they copy. However, the company has to make their money somehow, so customers will receive a marginally lower return on a successful investment then the person who they copied.

There is only a small pool of sites that have social trading enabled, of those, an even smaller proportion allow trades to take place on FOREX, but Copyop does. This function can be used with FOREX pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks. It’s worth remembering that each person being copied is a real trader who is also putting themselves at a level of financial risk - they too will be looking for a positive outcome.


What’s it like to have an account with Copyop?

Accounts can be opened in three different currencies, the British Pound, the US Dollar and the Euro. New members should make sure they pick the right one for their needs from the outset, because once the initial deposit is made, all further transactions must remain in the currency. In the early stages it is not necessary to make a deposit in order to open an account, instead newer users can just login to check on other traders, follow people who are successful and try out the site's various features. However, if people maintain that position for an extended period of time, the Copyop team are likely to get in contact to suggest making a deposit.


Do people who are copied benefit?

Yes, when people are copied by other active traders they are awarded in Copyop coins. Every time a person trades on the platform they can be copied and when this happens, each trade that is copied earns the initial trader Copyop coins. Therefore, the more coping that is done, the more coins are collected and these can be traded in for real cash.


Asset types at Copyop

Copyop list hundreds of underlying assets for their traders to use, these are drawn from the four key classes; indices, commodities, stocks and currencies. Indices include underlying assets from Europe, Japan and the USA, and the share selection is equally varied. The bonds at Copyop are from internet businesses, manufacturers and banks. Users can also dabble in wagers on major currencies like the Euro, the British Pound, the Yen and the US Dollar. In terms of commodities, traders can place wagers on the performance of; natural gas, oil, silver and gold.


How responsive is the platform?

The Copyop social platform is designed to look contemporary and function in a user friendly way. The structure is extremely clear, with no confusing adverts or pop ups, so even people who are new to binary options should be able to find their way around quickly. The live social feed is on the right, along with assets, expiry times, and favourites. When an asset is chosen, a chart is shown giving details of the price fluctuations it has been through in recent days. Here, investors can place their own trade.

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Alternatively, to copy a trade, a customer just clicks Social on the top of the homepage. This will bring up a newsfeed in the middle of the page, showing trades that are available and can be copied. To the left, the top traders are listed, along with the most profitable trade and the most successful copier of the last 24 hours.


What durations are available at Copyop?

If you’d prefer to make an independent investment, this can be done easily by selecting Trade on the Copyop homepage. Investors at Copyop can wager on all the most popular durations and types of binary option, including; up/down, one touch and range.


What bonuses exist for new customers at Copyop?

Clients who deposit at least £100 will receive a top up bonus of 50%, leaving them with a total of £150. However, they will only have access to the bonus funds once they have depleted their own funds.


How to make payments and request withdrawals at Copyop

Members can make a deposit to their Copyop account using a Visa, American Express, or MasterCard credit card. They also accept many types of debit card, e-wallet services and bank transfers. The minimum deposit is £100, and the funds are available as soon as the transaction is confirmed.

The minimum amount for withdrawals is £200, and funds are always paid into the original method of payment. Unfortunately, Copyop do charge their clients a fee to withdraw their own money, the amount will depend on the payment method used. Credit card withdrawals incur a flat fee of 3.5%, wire transfers a flat fee of £30, and e-wallet withdrawals from Skrill have a 2.5% charge, or 3.5% from Neteller. To comply with the laws which relate to money laundering, Copyop are obliged to ask for identification from every client before their funds can be withdrawn. These can be emailed direct to them for an immediate response.


Contacting the customer services team at Copyop

Account holders can get in touch with Copyop online by emailing them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by filling in the contact from on their website. There is no telephone number, which may not suit every trader, but there is a very clear FAQ section which should cover most queries. However, as the company is closely linked to Anyoption, if there are any issues which need to be addressed immediately, account holders can give them a ring for advice. 


Are Copyop regulated and secured?

copyop regulation

Copyop is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) through its parent company, Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Limited. It is also registered with the South African Financial Services Board (FSB). As participants in the scheme, Copyop are required to take the security of their clients very seriously, all personal data is stored on encrypted files and their safety procedures are highly advanced. Also, the company’s funds are segregated from those of their clients, in two or more different bank accounts.