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One of the web's oldest binary trading platforms, Binary.com has operated under various names since 1999 – including Xodds.com, and Betonmarkets. Originally devised as a fixed odds betting platform, today Binary.com represents a unique platform for in-browser trading of binary options across diverse indices and classes. Primarily focused on providing an appealing service for clients in the European and Asian markets, Binary.com retains a number of international Headquarters across the globe, and has developed an agile and accommodating means of executing trades for new and experienced investors alike.

5 reasons for Binary.com

  • Clear, data-rich proprietary User Interface
  • Diverse trading opportunities, including: all major currencies, stocks, commodities and indices
  • Flexible trading parameters provide greater control over duration and volatility of contracts and low initial minimum deposit
  • Good customer support and responsiveness
  • Online resources and knowledge database for new traders

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Executing Trades with Binary.com

With an emphasis on usability for inexperienced traders - as well as a nod to the platform's gambling heritage - the proprietary software at the heart of the website is well thought out and presented. Trades are executed online through the end-user's web browser, meaning there are no downloads or installations required to begin trading on Binary.com. The site also supports a number of downloadable apps, allowing mobile trading and unlocking some more advanced features associated with binary trading.


Features and Support

The user interface at Binary.com is among the most sophisticated currently employed by a binary trading platform. On-site, elements load quickly and return real-time market data. The analytical tools and graphs are ranked among the most advanced free-to-use examples in the industry, and will allow veteran traders to make informed choices and complete orders based on up-to-the-second information.


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Binary.com employs five trading approaches: the familiar Up/Down, Touch/No touch, and In/Out trades; as well as Asian Rise and Falls, where a final price is matched against its average, and Digits – where the account holder simply predicts the final pricing digit of the last tick.

binarycom metatraderOne of the more novel innovations of the Binary.com interface is the decision to have clients input their desired return on any given investment, and then automatically calculate the requisite stake to complete the trade. The reverse of this is by far the more prevalent system, and experienced traders may find the transition to the less familiar Binary.com method a little disorientating at first.


Trading Limits and Potential Earnings

Binary.com sells contracts with a potential payout ranging from $1 to $50,000. Durations of contracts are unparalleled in their flexibility: with a minimum contract length of only ten seconds, to a maximum of 365 days.

There is no margin call or stop-losses on Binary.com, so long-term contracts will not be terminated by a temporary gap in the mark. Neither can account holders risk any losses beyond the initial stake. Traders also receive the ability to set their own strike price on every trade, allowing them to cash in a portion of a potential payout before the contract expires.


Customer Experience

General consensus among the online trading community is that Binary.com offers a responsive customer care service, with clients able to make direct contact with a member of personnel quickly, and without obstacle.


Resources and Guides

binarycom mobilAlong with its trading features, Binary.com also positions itself as a valued resource for newcomers to investment and binary options. Features on its website include the “Binary.com Academy”, which promises to educate the uninitiated in all topics relevant to binary trading options, and the chance to practice trading with a virtual account.


Binary.com Academy

Although some valuable content can be found within these pages, the Academy is primarily composed of blog-style posts which advertise new site features, premium mobile apps, or send curious visitors through the sales funnel of the sign-up page. Beyond the featured articles lies some useful reference material, however: the glossary of terms and the trading guides provide genuine value for interested newcomers.


Virtual Accounts

Binary.com offers clients a means of getting to grips with the trading experience with a no-risk dummy account. The facility lets visitors make trades with $10,000 of virtual currency, and is freely accessible to new account holders without requiring a deposit of any real currency.


Payments and Transfers at Binary.com

When it comes to making an initial deposit, Binary.com aims to make the experience as accessible as possible. All major credit and debit cards are catered for, along with a comprehensive list of digital payment services and traditional bank wires.

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Transfer limits are dependent on the method of payment: a minimum deposit of only $5 for E-cash transfers, or just $10 when using credit and debit cards, or Western Union. Withdrawals are also limited by the payment type, with an upper limit of $100,000 available to customers using a bank wire to move their funds.

Account holders should note that withdrawals can only be made through the same medium used to deposit funds. This is seen as an effective way of negating the risk of money laundering operations exploiting the site.


Binary.com Regulation and Legal Status

Binary.com is an internationally active trading platform, and prominently displays the fact that it enables more than one million clients to trade across the globe. Binary.com account holders are spread across multiple legal entities, each of which operates within a different region, and under separate legal jurisdictions. Because binary trading is variously seen as a gambling activity in some regions, and a financial investment in others, this creates a situation where some account holders are regulated by financial watchdogs while others receive oversight from local gaming authorities.

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For example, offices in Malta house the headquarters of both Binary (Europe) Ltd, and Binary Investments (Europe) Ltd, which service the accounts of non-UK based EU citizens. These entities are regulated by both the Malta Financial Services Authority for investment products, and the Malta Gaming Authority for gambling products.

By contrast, residents of the United Kingdom and Isle of Man trade via Binary (IOM) Ltd, and find all of their activity regulated by the Gambling Supervision Commission in the Isle of Man and the UK Gambling Commission.

Further afield, and Japanese traders hold their accounts with Binary K.K., and receive oversight from the Japanese Financial Services Agency, and the Financial Futures Association of Japan. Traders in other parts of the world will receive financial regulation of their Forex and CFD activities by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. All other international activities are serviced by Binary (C.R.) S.A. in Costa Rica, and currently offer no form of gaming nor financial regulation.

While the structural complexity of Binary.com's operations may seem a cause of concern, the level of transparency displayed on the website is a reassurance. Company structure and terms and conditions are freely available to all users. Individual traders' accounts are protected and regulated by the authorities within their own country or location - it should be noted that citizens of both Hong Kong and the United States of America currently enjoy no legal form of access to the Binary.com service.