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Relatively new to the forex broker industry, 10Trade have already organised a wide range of options for their clients to explore. Many accomplished traders have only good things to say about the company and they have become a very popular choice with new and experienced clients. As a regulated broker, they are careful to abide by lawful trading practices and that can only boost their profile in a competitive market.

5 reasons for 10Trade

  • Fully regulated by CySEC, so your investments are protected
  • Options are original and there is plenty of choice
  • The user interface is straightforward and simple to use
  • Dedicated to their client's safety online
  • Open to investors from many different parts of the world

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Trading with 10Trade

What’s it like to invest with 10Trade

Many traders won’t even consider signing up with a web broker unless they are regulated by a respected body like CySEC (Cyprus Securities Commission), and that’s a sensible way to proceed. With companies like 10Trade, CySEC registration provides a guarantee that traders are treated fairly on the platform, and their funds are safeguarded in the event of the broker having financial difficulties.

Things move fast at 10Trade, there’s plenty of evidence that they are keen to become innovators in the industry and react quickly to trends in forex trading. They regularly reveal new functions on their website and changes to keep their service current, signs indicate that this expansion will continue rapidly.

In the near future, an app catering for both IOS and Android users will be released, enabling clients to monitor their progress on the go and keep up with the latest economic forecasts. When it’s made available, the app should be ready to use straight out of the box and existing customers should find it easy to log in to their account.

At 10Trade clients are given access to a well-curated education area which offers information on the kind of issues that they may face on the platform. Topics such as The World of Global Trading, Chance and Risk, and Are You an Emotional Trader, are covered to help people get to grips with the forex market. Traders can start with Beginners Courses, then work their way to Advanced Courses, or go for an In-Depth article to enhance their understanding of one particular area.


10trade trading

10Trade Trading Plattform

Asset types at 10Trade

With well over 100 types of asset, 10Trade have one of the most varied lists provided by binary trading platforms. Traders can deal in over 20 currency pairs, 8 commodities, over 80 stocks and 35 individual indices, taking full advantage of everything the global market has to offer. With this level of diversity it’s likely that every investor will find at least a couple of assets that they are confident in handling.


Are there any special functions to look out for?

On a site that’s packed with innovative features, one of the most interesting offered at 10Trade is what they have named an “Investment Return Policy”. As the name suggests, this is a form of insurance offered by them to clients. In the event that a trader loses their investment, 10Trade will step in to refund a proportion of their losses. It’s the kind of deal that is incredibly attractive to anyone who speculates on the markets, especially those who are just starting out.

10trade calender

10Trade Calender


How responsive is the platform?

10trade mobil

10Trade has a very transparent, well presented homepage, and the platform can be navigated with ease. The carefully designed layout means trades can be carried out quickly and there’s enough colour on the page to keep each section identifiable. Being able to locate what you need within seconds, can make all the difference on a forex trading site, so users will definitely appreciate what’s been accomplished here.

To update their traders with news about all the latest developments in markets around the world, 10Trade have a Reuters banner which flashes across the screen from time to time. The software used here is powered by the Spot Option trading engine; one of the most reliable for online brokers. 

If you prefer clearly labelled websites, and a great user experience, then 10Trade won’t be a disappointment. 


What durations are available at 10Trade?

Investors can play with a number of different options when it comes to duration, there are Long Term and Pairing options which can run for days or even months, One Touch and 60 Second Trades.

Superfast expiration times like those in 60 second trades are an excellent option for people who want a quick dabble in the market, or those who enjoy the thrill of a gamble. One Touch options can provide bigger payouts, but these are generally favoured by people who are confident in what they’re doing and like to take their time. When investors go for the One Touch option at 10Trade, the asset they select must reach the strike value to end in the money. For traders who like to predict how two assets will fair against each other, 10Trade have Pairings; these include options like Google vs. LinkedIn, Facebook vs. Twitter and McDonalds vs. Starbucks.

If investors want a little more action whilst a trade is in play, they can use a rollover to draw out the deadline or a double up to increase their chance of having a more successful result.


Is there a 10Trade demo account?

Surprisingly, 10Trade do not currently have a demo account for uninitiated traders to gain experience of the platform before making a deposit. This is quite disappointing, as most of the top tanking forex trading platforms do provide this service to prospective clients.


What bonuses exist for new customers at 10Trade?

There are five different types of financial bonus awarded to new customers at 10Trade, the amounts depend on the level of membership you are prepared to sign up for. A basic account offers a 10% bonus and the perks increase as you move up the scale.

How to make payments and request withdrawals at 10Trade

10trade payment

Once you have created an account and had it verified, it is very easy to make a deposit to your 10Trade account, and withdraw funds if you have a profitable week. This area of the website is clearly presented and well integrated with the rest of the platform, there’s also a reassuring emphasis on security and speed.

You can use many different methods to invest with 10Trade, for now these include wire transfers, credit cards, and debit cards. In the future more ways of paying money into an account are likely to be introduced. Deposits will show up on your account as soon as they are cleared, but the length of this process will depend on the type of payment method used.

There is no fee to withdraw money if it’s done through a wire transfer or credit card. Once you have placed a request for your funds, 10Trade may take up to 4 working days to approve it. When this is complete, it can take a further 5-7 working days for the money to appear in your account.


Contacting the customer services team at 10Trade

The customer support provided by 10Trade is up to the task and in most cases very responsive. The help desk handles queries about the website and the team working in this department are very informative, and clearly knowledgeable about the different functions available. A well trained team is always a reassuring sign and you can get support in a range of languages aside from English, including; Spanish, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Portuguese. This is not only helpful for traders in different parts of the world, but also investors in the UK who would prefer to discuss a problem in their first language.

To get in touch, you can click the live chat box to be connected to a rep, or call the number listed for your country, or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you choose to phone and the line is busy, there is a call back option so you don’t need to wait around for someone to answer.


Are 10Trade regulated and secured?

Yes, 10Trade is regulated and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The commission is the main body involved in the regulation of binary options brokers, and ensures they are abiding by the rules set out in each license. They keep an eye out for scams which affect investors and the industry as a whole, but also supervise each transaction made between brokers and traders. Brokers are obliged to keep their clients funds in a separate account to their own, so even if they become bankrupt, their customer’s money is safe.